Boat tools


So what are the ideal qualities for a boat tool? Well, they should be compact for stowing, ideally they should be cordless (running extension cords around a boat is not particularly healthy) and they should not cost a lot of money! You don’t want to set yourself up for heartbreak when your 500.00 Festool drill falls in the water. You just want to spend enough so when it splashes you’re just mildly pissed off. These Ryobi cordless tools totally fit the bill. I have been using them extensively for a good six months now and they are lovely, holding up well and replaceable without breaking the bank. Excellent boat tools.


Boat saw


Is this the perfect boat saw? No. Is it a totaly adequate table saw that takes up little room and has a rip capacity of 24″ for 200.00?


You will have to tweek it. but hey.